Countries Around the World Desperately Seeking Laborers

Countries Around the World Desperately Seeking Laborers

Many of us are extremely happy that borders all around the world are finally starting to open up, as for a lot of us it means we can see loved ones we haven’t seen in over a year, or finally go somewhere sunny to escape the confines of our drab country. However, some of us are excited for a different reason altogether, this being the prospect of being able to go to work in a country completely different from our own.

An industry that you may not expect to thrive from the opportunity to travel to work is manual laborers. The skills of laborers are needed across the world, but some countries require them more than others right now. Here is a rundown of some of the countries around the world desperately seeking laborers.


Something that you may not know about Australia is that there has been a shortage of plumbers there since 2013. People simply stopped learning the trade in favor of slightly more glamorous careers. For this reason, Australia is now offering a very appealing starting wage to anyone that will travel to the country and apply their plumbing skills.

If you do wish to travel to Australia to work as a plumber, we recommend that you head to some of the smaller towns, as they need more plumbers. Fremantle in particular requires some qualified plumbers after the more recent disasters. So, if you think you are the plumber Fremantle needs, be sure to get in touch with some of their local plumbing services and check if you could be of any use.


As of right now, England needs a lot of electricians. After the wetter months and classic English floods, a lot of buildings and areas were left without electricity. For the most part, England gets on well with the number of electricians it has, however these floods have really put a strain on the electricians that England has.

The appealing aspect of moving to England to work is the national minimum wage. No companies are allowed to pay you under a living wage and if you are a trained electrician, then you can make quite a lot of money from being an electrician. This means that you can have quite a comfortable life in England and receive steady work, even after the brunt of the flood’s damage is dealt with.


Something that you are likely aware of is the effort that has been made by many first world countries to help the continuous poverty crisis happening in Africa. For many years, groups have been deployed to certain regions of Africa to build new housing, schools and hospitals for villages.

Right now there is an outcry for people with experience in bricklaying and general building work. People with these skill sets would not only be expected to help with the building projects, but they would need to be able to provide training for other helpers.

Some of the groups that have been deployed to the country are working on creating a working water system that can provide clean water to the villages. To help with their efforts, they are desperately asking for the help of trained plumbers to come to the villages and share their expertise while putting their skills to the test.

Working on these projects may not allow you to make as much money as working in other countries, but you will still make a liveable wage, all while helping communities that need your help for their survival.

How Covid has Affected Amsterdam’s Tourism Industry

Every country in the world has been hit by the devastating effects of Covid 19. We are currently experiencing a global crisis that has forced many countries to completely shut their borders as a means to protect their citizens. Though this is a smart move in terms of safety, a lot of countries and cities that are dependent on tourism for financial aid are now struggling.  

One of the most hit places in the world in terms of tourism is Amsterdam. Amsterdam depends on tourism for over 60% of its general income and without people being able to venture into the city they are being hit tremendously.  

Amsterdam was one of the first major cities to ban the travel of tourists. This is because, at the very start of the pandemic, people were frequently traveling in and out of Amsterdam from all over the world, meaning that it would be impossible to prevent the spread of the Covid without putting the city into lockdown and excluding tourists.  

To stop people within the Netherlands from traveling to the city, Amsterdam also shut down its main attraction, the cannabis cafes. Though you can source marijuana from several places throughout the Netherlands, people tend to travel from all over in order to engage in the excitement of Cannabis Cafes. These cafes usually have extremely diverse menus, which means that you are sure to find a strain that fits perfectly with what you are looking for.  Now, instead of gaining the expertise of a vendor from within the cafes to figure out what the best strain is, the people of the Netherlands have to read this guide to different grades of weed.

Unfortunately, the sale of marijuana to tourists was a huge element of the general income that the country receives due to tax, so without these sales, it is expected that the city is going to start to suffer. 


The marijuana industry is not the only source of income that Amsterdam has. Amsterdam is home to a number of museums that display the rich history of the Netherlands. The most famous museums being the Anne Frank Museum and the Sex Museum. Millions of people come to Amsterdam every year just to be able to step foot in the museums and educate themselves on Amsterdam’s diverse history.  

If you have ever been to these museums, then you will know that they rightfully charge quite a hefty fee. Without millions of people traveling to check these museums out, then the city is going to be missing out on a lot of potential profits. Nobody knows when the museums will be open, but you can donate right now to ensure that the city can afford to keep them running while tourism is off the table.  


The sex industry  

Amsterdam is known for its legalization and open advertising of sex work. This is a very sex-positive city and instead of allowing sex work to happen in the shadows, Amsterdam has made sex work a legitimate career.  

One of the most famous places in Amsterdam is the red light district. Within this sector of the city, women advertise themselves in safe areas and welcome tourists and locals to participate in what they have to offer. 

With covid, most of the world is practicing social distancing. Obviously, when you have sex with someone, you are not able to achieve a safe distance, so sex work has now come to a halt. The sex work that takes place in Amsterdam works like any business and is taxed, so the city is experiencing yet another financial hit on that front. 

These are the Nations Voted to Have the Best Shopping Experiences

As we start to reach some form of normality again after the pandemic it is time for us to get out and treat ourselves after everything that we have been through as a planet. The idea of being able to visit some of the best shopping experiences around the world again has been all that got us through the dreadful situation, now that stores are opening up again we can finally move from shopping online to getting dressed up and hitting the high street. 

London – UK

London is home to a wide variety of stores with multiple areas to choose from in terms of types of shops that you can visit, London is a huge city so you can be sure that no matter what it is you need you will be able to find it somewhere in London. Camden Town, in particular, is a great location if you are wanting a range of unique small businesses selling a wide variety of interesting pieces, such as home decor clothes as well as their world-renowned food area where a lot of street food vendors go to sell their amazing dishes from all over the world.

Amsterdam – Netherlands

Of course, we couldn’t write a list of the eBay nations for shopping without mentioning Amsterdam, this great tourist-rich city is home to some very different shops which stock novelty items that are often reminiscent of the native culture. Amsterdam is known for its quirky and artistic style and the shops do not disappoint in this regard, if you’re looking for a birthday gift the Amsterdam is the place to visit for something that stands out and that could not be found anywhere else like the interesting art pieces that are on offer, dit is een uniek cadeau voor 4-jarig meisje but I’m sure it would be very much appreciated.  

Dubai – UAE

Somewhere that is a little bit further afield but is very well known for having a very lavish and luxury shopping experience would be Dubai, this amazing region would have to go down as one of the biggest places for the rich and famous with many very wealthy figures spending their time here. It is no surprise that it is so popular especially when you consider the miles and miles of amazing luxury shops that are set by the coastline for everyone to enjoy. 

Paris – France

The final location that would have to be commended for its amazing shopping experience is another place that has a very luxurious and high fashion element within its shopping experience. Paris is a must-visit for those of you that shop for unique one of kind fashion pieces, an item of clothing that has been bought in France is instantly recognizable due to its quality and the style that can only be found in this very fashionable region. If you ever get the chance to visit for a shopping trip I am sure that it will not disappoint.  

The Companies banding together to Take down Big Tobacco

Smoking is clearly bad for your physical health, which cannot be debated, but studies show that smoking may help people deal with stress or fit into a social setting and ease their nerves. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer in adults, and it does not only affect the smoker, but also the people around them. Further to this, it can also cause asthma to smokers and also children in the vicinity. Even worse, smokers are also more likely to develop other cancers such as mouth, tongue, and throat.

Big tobacco is a name used to refer to the leading companies that control the tobacco industry. These consist of the five largest tobacco companies which are: Phillip Morris International, Altria, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, and Japan Tobacco International. Now, you may be thinking why are companies banding together to take them down? We will be discussing this further right now!

What companies are banding together?

The FDA has decided to ban all menthol cigarettes in the US as its been killing many people due to the adverse effects of smoking. This has had a positive impact on the community but has also led people to find another addiction- hopefully, safer than smoking.

Vape company RLX has condemned the use of tobacco in their products and has vowed to make their vaping experience one that is more environmental and user-friendly, ensuring that people can still enjoy their addiction in a less harmful manner.

The World Health Organisation has also helped to take down the big tobacco companies by making it mandatory to advertise the negative impact that smoking has on the packaging of cigarette packets. It shows pictures of people developing lung cancer, destroying sperm, and causing death in children.

The American Lung Association has been trying to campaign to stop smoking since the 80s! With posters and banners highlighting the negative impact of smoking, it highlights how bad smoking is for everyone in the house, not just the smoker.

The use of adverts back in the 90s to steer people away from smoking is also implemented in today’s modern advertising through TV adverts. Companies such as your local pharmacy or even your Walmart have highlighted the detrimental impact that smoking has on people to try to steer people away from doing it in the first place!

Banding together and alerting your friends about the impact smoking has on health is important!

Alternative option?

There are other alternatives to cigarettes that should be considered- because unlike cigarettes- smoking cannabis with THC in it has been shown to have health benefits for both physical and mental health! There has been a long debate over delta 8 vs delta 9 thc, and what is more beneficial and better to smoke- but that the end of the day, as long as it’s not normal cigarettes you will be much safer! Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC are both different types of THC, which is found in the plant, cannabis. Both have been found to possess health benefits such as neuroprotective properties to keep the brain healthy, antiemetic effects to stop nausea feelings, fewer symptoms of anxiety, and many many more.

The good thing about THC is that you don’t have to smoke it! It can be infused into teas to drink and allow the psycho-active element to kick in and feel relaxed. It can also be taken in the form of capsules, or if you have a sweet tooth, it can even be made into little gummy bears! Take one step at a time and don’t eat too many because they will hit you!

Big tobacco companies have come under blast because of their lies and manipulation to keep consumers buying their products and getting addicted which has led to numerous scandals. Companies have gathered together to ensure that big tobacco companies are more transparent and clearer with their products, so consumers are more aware of the negative impact that smoking tobacco has on individual lives. People with financial power need to be considerate of the future of the world and how advertising impacts the choices young people make!

The Touching Story of the Gamers who Raised Millions for Charity

Gaming is one of the most popular things for people to do in their spare time. Out of all the different entertainment industries, even though gaming was developed much later it has become the most popular in a long way. It’s a very profitable industry worldwide and there are billions of people all over the world who class themselves as gamers and practice every day and play competitively and there are plenty more people who are casual gamers. As it is such a big industry and people play it so often, gaming also has a massive internet presence. Gamers go online to talk to other gamers as they have a shared interest and to receive help and advice on games that they’re struggling with. One popular game that many players turn to the internet for help is rust, online you can find aimbots and hacks for rust so you can win more often as many people struggle to win consistently. As gaming is so popular it led to many gamers on YouTube having a big support base and being classed as influencers. Some gamers realized how much power they had with all of their subscribers and fans and used this influence to raise millions for charity, this touching story will make you tear up because it’s so wholesome. 


Tim Foley is much better known by his Twitch name ‘Trick2g’. He is 35 years old and has spent years streaming himself playing games and built up a massive fan base. He has over 145 million views on his twitch channel and on Twitter has over 200,000 followers. Even though he has spent a decade streaming, he still spends more than 6 hours a day streaming, and surprisingly he has cut down to this, when he started out, he would stream for 10-12 hours a day. After he gained so much influence, he realized that he should use his platform to help make positive changes in society. Foley himself had struggled in the past, when he was younger, he survived the eruption of a volcano in the Philippines and survived Hurricane Andrew when he was living in Florida, this made it even more important to him to use his platform for good. His main focus is raising money for charities that help people who have been left homeless after their homes are devastated by hurricanes. He has already made millions for charity, but it is likely he will continue doing specific charity streams as he once said that hurricanes don’t stop so neither will he. 


David Hunt is better known by his twitch name ‘GrandPOObear’. He is a 34-year-old man from America, and he is classed as a speedrunner. A speedrunner for the nongamers reading this is someone in the gaming community who competes in racing games, for example, Mario Kart. The speed-running community often holds charity marathon events, the biggest is hosted by Games Done Quick, Hunt has competed in many of these marathons and this event alone over the years has raised $24 million. Hunt got into gaming when he was young as in 1988 his older sister received a Nintendo as a gift, and he too got to play with it. Whilst it wasn’t his ideal career when he was younger, his dreams of becoming a snowboarder were crushed when he was in an accident. During his recovery, a friend introduced him to Halo and to Twitch and within a few days, he has created his own account. He has been successful as he now is sponsored by Red Bull and has over 200,000 followers. He said that he enjoys charity streams much more than normal streams and he often encourages other people in the gaming community to get involved too as the more money raised the better.  


Jonathon Wheeler is also known by his gaming name ‘ProtonJon’. He is now ages 34 but his love for gaming hasn’t changed as he’s grown up. He streams himself playing any game rather than sticking to a specific type. As he started to build up a big fan base, he hadn’t thought about charity streaming. He started charity streaming after people at Direct Relief reached out to him as they saw his potential. His first-ever event was a Zeldathon, this is a marathon where every Zelda game is played. As he was new to twitch streaming, he set his fundraising goal at $5000, to his surprise within 10 minutes of playing he had reached double his target. This was inspiring to him and he said that it was a heart-warming feeling, after seeing the influence that he could have and the positive impact he could make he continued to get involved with charity events after this. He often encourages gamers with small platforms to try and get involved with charity streaming as even small donations help. 


Is Canada Going to Introduce New Sanitation Laws Post Covid

Sanitation laws in Canada are very important for ensuring that every member of the public has access to clean water and has a place to dispose of large-scale and household waste. Now that we are coming out of the other side of our Covid situation we may be seeing changes to the sanitation laws that are in place in order to reduce the risk of Covid transmission within the sanitation sector. During lockdown with the limited staff, there were changes to people’s household waste pickups as well as limitations being placed on the number of dumps and waste disposal centers that were allowed to remain open during the height of the pandemic.  

It should be considered a good thing that the higher powers and our government are considering the safety of the public and the people that work in the sanitation industry, especially when you consider the environment that some of these people have to work in it makes sense that a job where you are exposed to an increased amount of bacteria would be considered for changes post covid. It is unclear what specific changes are going to be made but hopefully, it is including extra protection measures for the people who use these services as well as extra measures put in place for the hard-working people who dedicate their time and effort to the industry.  

Many industries of this nature have had to undergo huge regulation changes to ensure that people are able to continue working and earning money, but their safety has to also be considered especially within industries that involve cleaning as there is more risk of coming into contact with bacteria. The private cleaning industry recently underwent a huge overhaul in cleaning practices and techniques in order to ensure staff safety, in the era of Covid whilst it is important that your establishments hire the right maid service, the well being of your staff and reducing the risk of Covid transmission must also be considered.  

Current Regulations

The current regulations state that anybody working in an industry like sanitation or cleaning must wear a mask and protective garments in order to limit the spread of harmful bacteria. Whilst fines are in p; ace for those who are not following these rules it is the opinion of many that further measures should be taken when it comes to repeat offenders and businesses not offering PPE to all of their workers. It should be no shock to you that Covid is very real and dangerous so it is truly not acceptable for any industry or business not to help protect their staff by enforcing the rules around wearing them. At this time the people are calling for more enforcement regulations in this order, as well as appealing to the public to report those who are not making sure their staff has access to PPE.  


What Could the Changes Mean for us?

Hearing that the laws and regulations are going to change can be daunting news to some, however, unless you are a regular user of sanitation services or you work in the industry it is unlikely to affect you. At the moment the only thing that has been disclosed in terms of what will be discussed in upcoming meetings is the increased importance of providing protective gear to all sanitation workers. There could also be changes to prepare for the reopening of more establishments as more and more sanitation and waste disposal grounds are set to open back up to the public which is likely to bring a very busy period for the industry.  

The New Construction Policies Helping Change Denmark

Denmark is one of the 4 countries that make up Scandinavia. It has a long history the most famous part of it being of the Vikings who ruled here from the 8th century all the way through till the 11th century. The Vikings are well remembered today as they managed to voyage as far as North Africa, the Middle East, and North America which was an amazing achievement at the time. Denmark is no longer ruled by the Vikings and has now been named the happiest country in the world according to the UN and they’ve taken the top spot here for years. Nowadays, Denmark is known for its progressive politics and its amazing construction workers. Every country has a trade it is most famous for and as Denmark’s is construction, they’re home to some amazing construction companies, some who specialize in traditional construction, and some amazing companies like GH Form who specialize in modern urban construction. There have been some recent changes in construction policies in Denmark that are helping to utilize these skilled workers to help change Denmark.  

The Changes

Denmark’s construction industry used to be dominated by the private sector. New developments in Denmark were not built for the good of society but instead, new developments were mainly for private use. There have now been additional limitations places on what the private sector can construct which has led to public projects being the main form of construction. These projects include building new hospitals, creating a more efficient metro system, this is helping to change Denmark as it is making it a better place to live with more accessible resources. 


There are many exciting projects planned for Denmark over the next few years. The most innovative and biggest project lined up is the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link project, this plan proposes to connect the Danish island: Lolland to the German island: Fehmarn by creating an immersed tunnel that stretches 18km across the Baltic Sea. There has never been a project like this before but the proposed plan has been approved and allocated funding so it is likely it will happen. Other exciting projects include the creation of a new district in the city of Copenhagen that has great views of the water and The Odense Project which is the development of a new tram system in Odense.