All the Health Reforms being Unveiled in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an amazing country that is located on the continent of Europe. It’s the most populated country in the European Union and one of the most populated countries worldwide too. Back in 2006, the Netherlands went through some really big changes in relation to healthcare. Prior to 2006, the Netherlands mainly had private healthcare which was expensive for most citizens and it left some citizens feeling very insecure as they were unsure on how they would be able to afford medical treatment if the time arose. In 2006, this all changed as the Netherlands introduced public health care. Whilst there are still some private healthcare providers but this market is heavily regulated in the Netherlands to prevent any of their citizens from being ripped off for a basic human right. As the Netherlands is such a populated place it can get difficult to keep up with all the healthcare needs so there are often reforms to try and improve the healthcare system. The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of strain and stress on the Dutch healthcare system as the pandemic was unpredictable there wasn’t much time for the government to prepare. Following this stress on the system there have to be more reforms to help the system to meet the needs of the citizens.  

The use of CBD

Whilst cannabis is legal in The Netherlands and it is famous for its amazing coffee shops where as well as purchasing lunch and a cup of tea, you can also purchase and smoke high-quality weed there. CBD products are also legal in The Netherlands but one huge health reform that has been unveiled is that the Dutch are going to start using CBD as a medicine. Individuals in the Netherlands have been using CBD for a long time for various health issues so it is great news that citizens can now be prescribed CBD. CBD is known to be great at relieving anxiety and depressive symptoms, it’s a fantastic alternative to pain killers for pain relief and it’s known to have cancer-fighting properties. This is a great advancement and one we believe many other countries will follow, the Netherlands legalized cannabis before most other countries and they’re ahead of the times again hereby accepting CBS as a legit medicine. If you can’t get CBD prescribed but you think it could be helpful, then CBD-producten koop je bij for amazing prices. 

An Ageing Population

Like many other developed countries, one health-related issue is the issue of an aging population. Providing health care for citizens from birth to death is becoming much more expensive as the estimated living age is constantly rising. Old people are much more susceptible to illness and this increases the older that they get. This makes it much more expensive for governments to provide free healthcare to their citizens. It is particularly difficult to fund in the Netherlands due to it being the most populated country in the European Union. To try and deal with this and to be able to keep providing high-quality healthcare the Netherlands has introduced more reforms to try and introduce competition, whilst there have been some positive side effects from this it will likely cause more harm than good. The reforms pose an issue at they could leave the situation stuck in between a state-run and highly regulated system and a market-based system. The main reason for these reforms is to try and secure lower prices for medicine to be able to provide great healthcare for everyone. 

Primary Healthcare Reform

Another area that is facing changes due to health reforms in primary healthcare. Primary healthcare workers are responsible for providing their patients with the best possible service, the workers in primary healthcare need to be aware of many things including services, health promotion, illness, injury prevention, and illness prevention. There have been reforms in the Netherlands as these services have not been up to the expected standards so a new reform that has been introduced is additional training. This training is expected to increase the quality of the services provided. 

The Touching Story of the Gamers who Raised Millions for Charity

Gaming is one of the most popular things for people to do in their spare time. Out of all the different entertainment industries, even though gaming was developed much later it has become the most popular in a long way. It’s a very profitable industry worldwide and there are billions of people all over the world who class themselves as gamers and practice every day and play competitively and there are plenty more people who are casual gamers. As it is such a big industry and people play it so often, gaming also has a massive internet presence. Gamers go online to talk to other gamers as they have a shared interest and to receive help and advice on games that they’re struggling with. One popular game that many players turn to the internet for help is rust, online you can find aimbots and hacks for rust so you can win more often as many people struggle to win consistently. As gaming is so popular it led to many gamers on YouTube having a big support base and being classed as influencers. Some gamers realized how much power they had with all of their subscribers and fans and used this influence to raise millions for charity, this touching story will make you tear up because it’s so wholesome. 


Tim Foley is much better known by his Twitch name ‘Trick2g’. He is 35 years old and has spent years streaming himself playing games and built up a massive fan base. He has over 145 million views on his twitch channel and on Twitter has over 200,000 followers. Even though he has spent a decade streaming, he still spends more than 6 hours a day streaming, and surprisingly he has cut down to this, when he started out, he would stream for 10-12 hours a day. After he gained so much influence, he realized that he should use his platform to help make positive changes in society. Foley himself had struggled in the past, when he was younger, he survived the eruption of a volcano in the Philippines and survived Hurricane Andrew when he was living in Florida, this made it even more important to him to use his platform for good. His main focus is raising money for charities that help people who have been left homeless after their homes are devastated by hurricanes. He has already made millions for charity, but it is likely he will continue doing specific charity streams as he once said that hurricanes don’t stop so neither will he. 


David Hunt is better known by his twitch name ‘GrandPOObear’. He is a 34-year-old man from America, and he is classed as a speedrunner. A speedrunner for the nongamers reading this is someone in the gaming community who competes in racing games, for example, Mario Kart. The speed-running community often holds charity marathon events, the biggest is hosted by Games Done Quick, Hunt has competed in many of these marathons and this event alone over the years has raised $24 million. Hunt got into gaming when he was young as in 1988 his older sister received a Nintendo as a gift, and he too got to play with it. Whilst it wasn’t his ideal career when he was younger, his dreams of becoming a snowboarder were crushed when he was in an accident. During his recovery, a friend introduced him to Halo and to Twitch and within a few days, he has created his own account. He has been successful as he now is sponsored by Red Bull and has over 200,000 followers. He said that he enjoys charity streams much more than normal streams and he often encourages other people in the gaming community to get involved too as the more money raised the better.  


Jonathon Wheeler is also known by his gaming name ‘ProtonJon’. He is now ages 34 but his love for gaming hasn’t changed as he’s grown up. He streams himself playing any game rather than sticking to a specific type. As he started to build up a big fan base, he hadn’t thought about charity streaming. He started charity streaming after people at Direct Relief reached out to him as they saw his potential. His first-ever event was a Zeldathon, this is a marathon where every Zelda game is played. As he was new to twitch streaming, he set his fundraising goal at $5000, to his surprise within 10 minutes of playing he had reached double his target. This was inspiring to him and he said that it was a heart-warming feeling, after seeing the influence that he could have and the positive impact he could make he continued to get involved with charity events after this. He often encourages gamers with small platforms to try and get involved with charity streaming as even small donations help. 


Is Canada Going to Introduce New Sanitation Laws Post Covid

Sanitation laws in Canada are very important for ensuring that every member of the public has access to clean water and has a place to dispose of large-scale and household waste. Now that we are coming out of the other side of our Covid situation we may be seeing changes to the sanitation laws that are in place in order to reduce the risk of Covid transmission within the sanitation sector. During lockdown with the limited staff, there were changes to people’s household waste pickups as well as limitations being placed on the number of dumps and waste disposal centers that were allowed to remain open during the height of the pandemic.  

It should be considered a good thing that the higher powers and our government are considering the safety of the public and the people that work in the sanitation industry, especially when you consider the environment that some of these people have to work in it makes sense that a job where you are exposed to an increased amount of bacteria would be considered for changes post covid. It is unclear what specific changes are going to be made but hopefully, it is including extra protection measures for the people who use these services as well as extra measures put in place for the hard-working people who dedicate their time and effort to the industry.  

Many industries of this nature have had to undergo huge regulation changes to ensure that people are able to continue working and earning money, but their safety has to also be considered especially within industries that involve cleaning as there is more risk of coming into contact with bacteria. The private cleaning industry recently underwent a huge overhaul in cleaning practices and techniques in order to ensure staff safety, in the era of Covid whilst it is important that your establishments hire the right maid service, the well being of your staff and reducing the risk of Covid transmission must also be considered.  

Current Regulations

The current regulations state that anybody working in an industry like sanitation or cleaning must wear a mask and protective garments in order to limit the spread of harmful bacteria. Whilst fines are in p; ace for those who are not following these rules it is the opinion of many that further measures should be taken when it comes to repeat offenders and businesses not offering PPE to all of their workers. It should be no shock to you that Covid is very real and dangerous so it is truly not acceptable for any industry or business not to help protect their staff by enforcing the rules around wearing them. At this time the people are calling for more enforcement regulations in this order, as well as appealing to the public to report those who are not making sure their staff has access to PPE.  


What Could the Changes Mean for us?

Hearing that the laws and regulations are going to change can be daunting news to some, however, unless you are a regular user of sanitation services or you work in the industry it is unlikely to affect you. At the moment the only thing that has been disclosed in terms of what will be discussed in upcoming meetings is the increased importance of providing protective gear to all sanitation workers. There could also be changes to prepare for the reopening of more establishments as more and more sanitation and waste disposal grounds are set to open back up to the public which is likely to bring a very busy period for the industry.  

The New Construction Policies Helping Change Denmark

Denmark is one of the 4 countries that make up Scandinavia. It has a long history the most famous part of it being of the Vikings who ruled here from the 8th century all the way through till the 11th century. The Vikings are well remembered today as they managed to voyage as far as North Africa, the Middle East, and North America which was an amazing achievement at the time. Denmark is no longer ruled by the Vikings and has now been named the happiest country in the world according to the UN and they’ve taken the top spot here for years. Nowadays, Denmark is known for its progressive politics and its amazing construction workers. Every country has a trade it is most famous for and as Denmark’s is construction, they’re home to some amazing construction companies, some who specialize in traditional construction, and some amazing companies like GH Form who specialize in modern urban construction. There have been some recent changes in construction policies in Denmark that are helping to utilize these skilled workers to help change Denmark.  

The Changes

Denmark’s construction industry used to be dominated by the private sector. New developments in Denmark were not built for the good of society but instead, new developments were mainly for private use. There have now been additional limitations places on what the private sector can construct which has led to public projects being the main form of construction. These projects include building new hospitals, creating a more efficient metro system, this is helping to change Denmark as it is making it a better place to live with more accessible resources. 


There are many exciting projects planned for Denmark over the next few years. The most innovative and biggest project lined up is the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link project, this plan proposes to connect the Danish island: Lolland to the German island: Fehmarn by creating an immersed tunnel that stretches 18km across the Baltic Sea. There has never been a project like this before but the proposed plan has been approved and allocated funding so it is likely it will happen. Other exciting projects include the creation of a new district in the city of Copenhagen that has great views of the water and The Odense Project which is the development of a new tram system in Odense.  

A Look at the new Mental Health Accords Canada is Pushing For

I think that it is safe to say that mental health and supporting those who suffer from any mental health issues should be a very prominent societal issue, we should be encouraging those who are suffering to seek help and treatment so that we can all live a happy and healthy life that is not wasted on the negativity that comes with mental health problems. We have seen a lot of support and help from the government and official bodies in regards to mental health and making sure that everyone who lives in Canada is able to get mental health support when they need it.  

 Mental health has always had very negative connotations around it almost as if it is something to be kept a secret or ashamed of, this really isn’t the case and our country as a whole should be addressing certain issues without passing judgment. Many people who suffer from these kinds of issues have said how important it is that they receive public help and support rather than being encouraged to bottle up their feelings and ultimately worsen the situation for all of those who are involved.   

Legalization of Marijuana

 One of the biggest changes to the laws in Canada that have contributed significantly to helping mental health sufferers in our region would have to be the legalization of recreational cannabis use. Although medical marijuana has been used for some time now it is not always easy to get this life-changing treatment when you are using it for mental health reasons, so the fact that it has now been made available to anyone who would like to use it is a truly great thing. Mental health sufferers should not have to be told that they are not eligible for using marijuana when their condition is a very personal thing that they know the most about. Cannabis has been proven to help relieve anxiety and depression and promote a relaxing feeling, for those of you that are looking to try cannabis treatments you can order marijuana online in British Columbia now if you are looking for a more discrete service.   

Increased Public Support

Another change to the way that mental health issues are addressed in the public eye is the new increase in positive advertising material for mental health support and treatments. When you are suffering from an issue of this nature it can be very easy to slip into a negative mindset and feel that the whole world is against you. Now that it is being so widely broadcasted that getting help for your mental health is not something to be ashamed of it is very likely that we will see huge improvements to the number of people that actually go out and get help and advice for how they can better the lives of themselves and their loved ones, without having to hide away and deal with your problems behind closed doors. 

More Resources

One of the main reasons why mental health support was not so readily available was that there simply wasn’t enough funding and resources to keep up with demand, the medical world is a place that is very strained with more and more people requiring professional medical help every day. With that in mind, it seems that the mental health su[port sector was slightly forgotten about and the resources started lacking. With the new changes in legislation and the updates to government policy, we have finally seen an increase in the resources and funding that is made available so that more people can start to get their lives and their mental health back on track.   

Is Canada Looking to Change their Landlord Regulations

The recent news headlines that have been released to us have been primarily focused on the major changes that are set to be made to the current landlord and renting regulations that exist under our government. The headlines have been very negative as a whole and the fact that it has taken so long to even have a change considered by the higher powers is a true testament to the severity of the situation we find ourselves in. It is a general opinion across the nation that tenants who rent their homes from an external private landlord are left far too vulnerable in terms of the pricing of their rent and the liability of the landlord when it comes to fixing any issues that there may be with the house.  

After many public callouts and protests to encourage an official change to the rules that are put in place to protect tenants and ensure the landlords are doing everything they should be as the homeowner, we have finally had word from the authorities that the new regulations are to be released later this week and to be enforced immediately, calling for all landlords to contact the government within a few weeks for an inspection and review of their renting standard and quality. It is said that a platform is currently in development where tenants can report any mistreatment or unfair dealings with their landlords which will also make them liable for compensating any affected tenants all over the country.  

Current Issues With Landlord Rules

One of the biggest issues with the current legal issues that are in place when it comes to renting out your housing is that there are not enough official reviews to make sure everything is as it should be. Landlords are not currently liable for a lot of the house maintenance that should not just be left up to the tenant to pay for. Where many landlords were getting away with neglecting their tenants and their properties in terms of the upkeep, we are going to see much more enforcement of penalties where it is necessary and where the landlord has neglected their responsibilities.  

Making Landlords More Liable

The process of making landlords more liable was not an easy one as it had to be negotiated what was a fair responsibility to place on the landlord and what was fair to be covered by the tenant themselves. After much discussion as well as sourcing public feedback to reach a ground that could be agreed upon by the majority we now have the new developments coming to us within the next few days. Situations where we saw some tenants opted for a move out cleaning service that they paid for themselves where the landlord should have also taken responsibility for making sure the property was suitable for the next tenants are likely to see a huge reduction in occurrence.  

More Protection For Tenants

Another issue that is very common in private landlord and tenant relationships would have to be the tenant feel like their landlord is not on their side and that their residency is not well enough protected. It had been seen many times all over the country where a landlord has been able to evict a tenant with little reasoning or notice, this is not acceptable and hopefully, with the new rules forcing landlords to honor a contract that has been agreed upon with tenant, it should completely stop this from happening and offer peace of mind to the residents.  

Contracting Changes

With the new rules and regulations that are set to be coming into place very soon we should also see some huge changes to what can be contracted and what should not, especially when opting for a private landlord all too often do we see unethical clauses within a tenancy contract that could leave the tenant vulnerable depending on what has been signed within the contract. The new rules allow the disputing of any sneaky contract clauses and more power is being given to the tenant especially when it comes to creating a fair contract that protects both the landlord and the person living in the property.  

How One Door Company Helped Prevent a Serious Fire Incident 

Doors. Every house has them but none of us put much thought into them unless they need oiling or are just being particularly loud. Doors actually do a lot for us, such as protecting our safety and giving us some private time within our home. 

When we pick out all of the components of our house, we don’t really look past the aesthetics or the costs of our door. This is a reasonable thing to do, as with all of the other pressing things you need to think about when putting a house together, the doors that you pick probably aren’t the main priority.  

That is until you think about the other ways in which our doors help us. For example, having a solid and well-fitting door can save you hundreds of dollars every year in terms of your heating costs. Not only this, but you may be surprised to know that your doors could actually save your life. 

The fire incident  

It was an average Thursday evening and the Smith family settled down for an evening of films and eating, as they do every Thursday night. Except that night was a bit different. The previous evening, Mrs. Smith had had a clear out of the basement. While doing so, she dug out some of her old kitchen equipment and found a popcorn machine that she had bought her daughter a few years back. Mrs. Smith couldn’t remember exactly why they had decided to throw the popcorn machine in the basement, but she thought it would make a difference to their usual Thursday night routine of eating microwave popcorn.  

The family had been excited about the prospect of having some cinema-style popcorn all day, in fact, Mr. Smith had taken a trip to the local supermarket to find some nice toppings and even some fun little cones to eat the popcorn out of.  

The night was set and as the family settled down to pick out a film and lay out the snacks, they put the popcorn in to pop. The instructions stated that it needed to be left for four minutes to properly cook, so the family left it in the kitchen. Luckily for the Smith family, the youngest of the family detests the smell and taste of popcorn and requested that the door between the living room and the kitchen remained shut so that the smell didn’t enter the room.  

Like with any film night, the film picking selection wasn’t as quick as they thought it would be. The family erupted into an argument over whether they would watch a horror or a comedy and all thoughts of the popcorn completely left everyone’s mind. This was until around twenty minutes later when a strong smell of burning could be smelled. Now, this wasn’t any ordinary overcooked food burning, this smelled like a fire.  

Mr. Smith opened the door to see his entire kitchen up in flames. He was able to act quickly and he put the fire out using an extinguisher that they had in the house.  When the firemen arrived, they were quickly able to find the source of the fire. Some dodgy wiring in the popcorn machine had created sparks, which had set the pile of popcorn cones on fire and created a blaze that consumed the entire kitchen. Mrs. Smith quickly remembered why the popcorn machine had been stored away and this was because it had shown signs of being faulty when they first bought it.  

If it hadn’t been for their selections of fire doors at internaldoors uk, the rest of the Smiths house could have fallen victim to the fires that were caused by their popcorn machine. The doors also saved them a lot of money, as they only had to do work on their kitchen and not other areas within the home. The Smiths were also grateful for the fire door due to their daughter suffering from severe asthma which would have been triggered if the smoke had been allowed to spread throughout the house. Instead, when the fire was noticed, she was able to quickly go outside and protect herself from any issues.