The Touching Story of the Gamers who Raised Millions for Charity


Gaming is one of the most popular things for people to do in their spare time. Out of all the different entertainment industries, even though gaming was developed much later it has become the most popular in a long way. It’s a very profitable industry worldwide and there are billions of people all over the world who class themselves as gamers and practice every day and play competitively and there are plenty more people who are casual gamers. As it is such a big industry and people play it so often, gaming also has a massive internet presence. Gamers go online to talk to other gamers as they have a shared interest and to receive help and advice on games that they’re struggling with. One popular game that many players turn to the internet for help is rust, online you can find aimbots and hacks for rust so you can win more often as many people struggle to win consistently. As gaming is so popular it led to many gamers on YouTube having a big support base and being classed as influencers. Some gamers realized how much power they had with all of their subscribers and fans and used this influence to raise millions for charity, this touching story will make you tear up because it’s so wholesome. 


Tim Foley is much better known by his Twitch name ‘Trick2g’. He is 35 years old and has spent years streaming himself playing games and built up a massive fan base. He has over 145 million views on his twitch channel and on Twitter has over 200,000 followers. Even though he has spent a decade streaming, he still spends more than 6 hours a day streaming, and surprisingly he has cut down to this, when he started out, he would stream for 10-12 hours a day. After he gained so much influence, he realized that he should use his platform to help make positive changes in society. Foley himself had struggled in the past, when he was younger, he survived the eruption of a volcano in the Philippines and survived Hurricane Andrew when he was living in Florida, this made it even more important to him to use his platform for good. His main focus is raising money for charities that help people who have been left homeless after their homes are devastated by hurricanes. He has already made millions for charity, but it is likely he will continue doing specific charity streams as he once said that hurricanes don’t stop so neither will he. 


David Hunt is better known by his twitch name ‘GrandPOObear’. He is a 34-year-old man from America, and he is classed as a speedrunner. A speedrunner for the nongamers reading this is someone in the gaming community who competes in racing games, for example, Mario Kart. The speed-running community often holds charity marathon events, the biggest is hosted by Games Done Quick, Hunt has competed in many of these marathons and this event alone over the years has raised $24 million. Hunt got into gaming when he was young as in 1988 his older sister received a Nintendo as a gift, and he too got to play with it. Whilst it wasn’t his ideal career when he was younger, his dreams of becoming a snowboarder were crushed when he was in an accident. During his recovery, a friend introduced him to Halo and to Twitch and within a few days, he has created his own account. He has been successful as he now is sponsored by Red Bull and has over 200,000 followers. He said that he enjoys charity streams much more than normal streams and he often encourages other people in the gaming community to get involved too as the more money raised the better.  


Jonathon Wheeler is also known by his gaming name ‘ProtonJon’. He is now ages 34 but his love for gaming hasn’t changed as he’s grown up. He streams himself playing any game rather than sticking to a specific type. As he started to build up a big fan base, he hadn’t thought about charity streaming. He started charity streaming after people at Direct Relief reached out to him as they saw his potential. His first-ever event was a Zeldathon, this is a marathon where every Zelda game is played. As he was new to twitch streaming, he set his fundraising goal at $5000, to his surprise within 10 minutes of playing he had reached double his target. This was inspiring to him and he said that it was a heart-warming feeling, after seeing the influence that he could have and the positive impact he could make he continued to get involved with charity events after this. He often encourages gamers with small platforms to try and get involved with charity streaming as even small donations help. 




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