The New Construction Policies Helping Change Denmark


Denmark is one of the 4 countries that make up Scandinavia. It has a long history the most famous part of it being of the Vikings who ruled here from the 8th century all the way through till the 11th century. The Vikings are well remembered today as they managed to voyage as far as North Africa, the Middle East, and North America which was an amazing achievement at the time. Denmark is no longer ruled by the Vikings and has now been named the happiest country in the world according to the UN and they’ve taken the top spot here for years. Nowadays, Denmark is known for its progressive politics and its amazing construction workers. Every country has a trade it is most famous for and as Denmark’s is construction, they’re home to some amazing construction companies, some who specialize in traditional construction, and some amazing companies like GH Form who specialize in modern urban construction. There have been some recent changes in construction policies in Denmark that are helping to utilize these skilled workers to help change Denmark.  

The Changes

Denmark’s construction industry used to be dominated by the private sector. New developments in Denmark were not built for the good of society but instead, new developments were mainly for private use. There have now been additional limitations places on what the private sector can construct which has led to public projects being the main form of construction. These projects include building new hospitals, creating a more efficient metro system, this is helping to change Denmark as it is making it a better place to live with more accessible resources. 


There are many exciting projects planned for Denmark over the next few years. The most innovative and biggest project lined up is the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link project, this plan proposes to connect the Danish island: Lolland to the German island: Fehmarn by creating an immersed tunnel that stretches 18km across the Baltic Sea. There has never been a project like this before but the proposed plan has been approved and allocated funding so it is likely it will happen. Other exciting projects include the creation of a new district in the city of Copenhagen that has great views of the water and The Odense Project which is the development of a new tram system in Odense.  



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