The Heart And Soul Of Alabama: Ozark


The United States of America is a pretty big country, the third-largest in the world, with a complicated system of 50 states with their cultural diversity, economics, and business as well as flora and fauna. There are various races and ethnicities present in the United States of America, which leads to a large melting pot of traditions, celebrations, and rites. The geographical areas are an extensive range with a variety including mountains, lakes, forests, etc. Thus, every state seems to be a diverse and vibrant entity in itself.


One such state is the state of Alabama. It is situated in the Southern United Nations, in what is commonly called the Deep South. It is entirely landlocked from all sides but has many inland waterways, even more than any other state. Mississippi lies to the West, Georgia is at its East, the Gulf of Mexico and Florida is situated just below it to the South, and Tennessee borders it to the North above. Alabama also has many nicknames, such as the Cotton State, the Yellowhammer State,, and Dixie’s Heart. Alabama became a part of the United States of America on 14th December 1819. The name Yellowhammer state comes from the bird Yellowhammer which is its state bird. Camellia is the state flower, and Longleaf pine is the state tree. There are lots of economic fields that Alabama is focused on, such as retail, healthcare, and technology. There are also aerospace, education, and mineral extraction industries as well as automotive, manufacturing, finance, and management sectors. There are around 550 cities and towns in Alabama, which is a considerable number, but there are also certain cities and towns that stand out due to their unique features or exceptional cases.

More about the location

For example, Montgomery is the capital of Alabama and is the second most populated city in the state. It is the namesake of Richard Montgomery and is situated on the banks of the Alabama River. Another important city is Birmingham, which is the largest city in the state and is a vital regional center and is connected to the Appalachian Mountains, Deep South, and Piedmont. Birmingham is also the most heavily industrialized. But if we go by land area, then the most prominent city will be Huntsville, which lies in Northern Albania, amongst the Appalachian mountains. If we go by history, then the French colonists founded the oldest town of Alabama in 1702. It is called Mobile, and it was the capital of French Louisiana. Finally, Greater Birmingham is considered the hugest urban economy. It so also the economic center of Alabama as well as its most highly populated metropolitan area.

Additional cities

But besides all these cities, there’s another city in Alabama that might not be well known but contains some hidden treasures. That city is Ozark. Known as the Heart of the Wiregrass, Ozark was voted as the most patriotic city of Alabama and is a fantastic place to settle down in. It contains a very diversified economy and the world entirely as a place to live your years after retirement in peace or even to quietly raise your family in. You can also start a business here as it is well connected to the most significant metropolitan areas of the South. It is also very close to Florida’s pristine white beaches and has mild winter weather that is very pleasant. As evident, Ozark is the place to come live, work, or play.

Ozark is the central city of the Micropolitan Ozark Statistical zone called Wiregrass (hence the name Heart of the Wiregrass) and is the county seat of Dale Country, located in Alabama, one of the states of the United States of America. Ozark is also a member of the Enterprise Dothan Combined Ozark Statistical zone. You can also find Army Aviation, one of the chief training bases for flight, in Ozark. The history of Ozark is very varied and rich, with the first settlers being the Muscogee people. It is not entirely established how the city got its name, but a widely prevalent story is that a visitor named it after the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas because they were reminded of them when they came here.

But before that, Ozark underwent quite a few changes in its name. At first, it was a small town called Merricks, the namesake of Merrick John Sr., who was a soldier in the Important War and one of the first officially recorded European residents of the place in 1822. Next, the area was bestowed the name Woodshop after the inauguration of its first post office. But the residents were not satisfied and requested a change in name in 1855, which led to the current term of the city. The Dale County seat present in Ozark had been transferred here from Newton in 1870. Not only this, Ozark boasts of three of the sites listed in the National Register of Historic places, which are the Samuel Lawson Dowling House, the Claybank Log Church, and the J. D. Holman House.

People in Ozark

There are a little less than fifteen thousand people residing in Ozark, with the majority being White but with a substantial population of Black or African American people and other races. A good network of education is formed by the Ozark City Schools and the Enterprise State Community College for higher education. Perhaps the most notable is the aviation maintenance technology programs offered by the college’s Alabama Aviation Centre. Many of the eminent personalities of the United States of America have been known to come from Ozark.

Sum up

These include the state representative Steve Clouse, the New York Giants Larry Donnell, member and the National Football League member Wilbur Jackson. Some other notable people from Ozark are Miss Alabama 2015 Meg McGuffin, former super middleweight champion of boxing Byron Mitchell and Major League Baseball catcher Marc Ronan. So keep learning more on the context from online sites/.



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