The Companies banding together to Take down Big Tobacco


Smoking is clearly bad for your physical health, which cannot be debated, but studies show that smoking may help people deal with stress or fit into a social setting and ease their nerves. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer in adults, and it does not only affect the smoker, but also the people around them. Further to this, it can also cause asthma to smokers and also children in the vicinity. Even worse, smokers are also more likely to develop other cancers such as mouth, tongue, and throat.

Big tobacco is a name used to refer to the leading companies that control the tobacco industry. These consist of the five largest tobacco companies which are: Phillip Morris International, Altria, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, and Japan Tobacco International. Now, you may be thinking why are companies banding together to take them down? We will be discussing this further right now!

What companies are banding together?

The FDA has decided to ban all menthol cigarettes in the US as its been killing many people due to the adverse effects of smoking. This has had a positive impact on the community but has also led people to find another addiction- hopefully, safer than smoking.

Vape company RLX has condemned the use of tobacco in their products and has vowed to make their vaping experience one that is more environmental and user-friendly, ensuring that people can still enjoy their addiction in a less harmful manner.

The World Health Organisation has also helped to take down the big tobacco companies by making it mandatory to advertise the negative impact that smoking has on the packaging of cigarette packets. It shows pictures of people developing lung cancer, destroying sperm, and causing death in children.

The American Lung Association has been trying to campaign to stop smoking since the 80s! With posters and banners highlighting the negative impact of smoking, it highlights how bad smoking is for everyone in the house, not just the smoker.

The use of adverts back in the 90s to steer people away from smoking is also implemented in today’s modern advertising through TV adverts. Companies such as your local pharmacy or even your Walmart have highlighted the detrimental impact that smoking has on people to try to steer people away from doing it in the first place!

Banding together and alerting your friends about the impact smoking has on health is important!

Alternative option?

There are other alternatives to cigarettes that should be considered- because unlike cigarettes- smoking cannabis with THC in it has been shown to have health benefits for both physical and mental health! There has been a long debate over delta 8 vs delta 9 thc, and what is more beneficial and better to smoke- but that the end of the day, as long as it’s not normal cigarettes you will be much safer! Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC are both different types of THC, which is found in the plant, cannabis. Both have been found to possess health benefits such as neuroprotective properties to keep the brain healthy, antiemetic effects to stop nausea feelings, fewer symptoms of anxiety, and many many more.

The good thing about THC is that you don’t have to smoke it! It can be infused into teas to drink and allow the psycho-active element to kick in and feel relaxed. It can also be taken in the form of capsules, or if you have a sweet tooth, it can even be made into little gummy bears! Take one step at a time and don’t eat too many because they will hit you!

Big tobacco companies have come under blast because of their lies and manipulation to keep consumers buying their products and getting addicted which has led to numerous scandals. Companies have gathered together to ensure that big tobacco companies are more transparent and clearer with their products, so consumers are more aware of the negative impact that smoking tobacco has on individual lives. People with financial power need to be considerate of the future of the world and how advertising impacts the choices young people make!



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