Ozark: A physiographic City In Alabama


Ozark, a city in Alabama, USA, is a Dale County situated 22 miles NW of Dothan, Alabama, and around 174 miles of Atlanta, Georgia. Fifteen thousand one hundred nineteen residents are said to be residing in the Dothan area of Ozark. Creek Indians were the original inhibitors of Ozark city. There was once a traveler, traveling across the mountains of Ozark who scripted the town’s name. Mr. John Merrick Sr. was a revolutionary war veteran who became the first resident of the city. The area of residence was named Merricks after him, which was later crowned as Woodshop. It was the year 1855 when the town first adopted its name and in 1870 incorporated as Ozark. It is considered that the median family income is around 53000 dollars.

According to the statistics, 77.7 % of the population live above the poverty line, and about 22.3 % live below the poverty line, as described by the segregation guidelines. Residents spend approximately 21 minutes one-way travel to work depending on the traffic conditions. Just as the culture says, 33.6 % live independently, renting a house for around 630 dollars. Hispanic and African American have a gross population of 39.9 % residing with Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Egyptian, Arab, Danish, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Norwegian at 0.1 %. According to the local statistics, the married population’s percentage stands 45.5 %, with 11.8 % being educated and having a bachelor’s degree. It would be best to keep in mind various things before you start knowing about Ozark in Alabama. Let us discuss this in detail.

Why is Arkansas called the outdoor paradise of Ozark?

Arkansas is surrounded by two frizzante water bodies, a range of majestic mountains, and exuberant greenery. It happens to be located 400 kilometers Southwest of St. Louis, near the border of Arkansas – Missouri, with 800 people residing currently. Arkansas is a trendy gateway spot to Bull Shoals-White River State Park, featuring more than 1600 kilometers of dotted shorelines along with bivouac, natural swimming pools, and public parks to have family around. Arkansas is said to be a place full of valuable treasure. The visitors come here to fish, climb, float, hike, bike, and go camping. People who are mesmerized by the beauty of nature, adore the scenic view, get peace listening to the sound of the waterfall, willing to experience mountain biking, climb 839-meter rock facing Mount Magazine or want to try their hands on fishing, this might be the perfect place for you or let us say an ideal getaway spot. Here at Arkansas happens to be the only open diamond mine in the world where you can dig, and if you are lucky enough, you might end up finding a diamond. 

Ozark Mountains: A majestic place for hikers

Hiking is a long and sturdy walk, usually on footpaths or high trails in the countryside. The eighteenth century was the time when people of Europe developed this activity for the pleasure of walking. The existence of religious pilgrims has been known to humanity for a long time, and it is a fact and belief that worshipping takes effect when one walks for a spiritual purpose and not for an evil purpose. In The United States Of America, hiking is walking challenging trails for recreational purposes. Usually, people prefer walking through bushes, dense forest, or undergrowth bushes where the body is tested and pushed forward towards progress and takes them deep into the vegetation side. The purpose of building the human spirit, improving physical fitness, stamina and increase environmental awareness can be taken as significant factors. Hiking is not for everyone, and you need to make your body fit enough by walking at least three times a week for a minimum of 60 minutes. It is imperative to have proper shoes and safety gear because hiking is considered dangerous outdoor activities. In many countries, it is used to spread environmental awareness and a more noble cause like breast cancer awareness, raising funds for a specific purpose, rallying out to make people aware of the benefit of walking as it keeps you away from heart diseases.
People get confused between trekking and hiking. Trekking is done in wild surroundings and harsh environmental conditions for multiple days without hiking trips, while hiking is done for a day or overnight on footpaths or trails. Hiking is pretty safe if compared to trekking, although the risk of life remains constant in both. Since Arkansas is considered a paradise being surrounded by mountains, it is a heaven for hikers. The Razorback Regional Greenway happens to provide an off-road trail of 58 kilometers with visitor attractions and convenient access to restrooms and other amenities.
The River trail of Arkansas is said to be a loop of 142-kilometer connection over six museums and 38 parks, to be precise.

Ozark: A place to a family getaway

The city of Ozark organizes Claybank Jamboree, and a local festival is celebrated every year in October. Along with the Claybank Jamboree festival, hiking activities, restaurant attractions, and Mountain activities, this city is also known for organizing a Jazzfest every year in April. Ozark has many attractions, but one of the highly rated and must-visit places is the Blue spring state park. It is a land of 106 acres spread across to set in recreational activities such as camping, swimming and, picnic spots. Some of the favorite tourist spots to keep in mind when you visit the city are: 1. Ozark Country Club, 2. Southeast Alabama Association, 3. Martindale Plaza Shopping center ( best for shoppers ), 4. Sam Dale Park, 5. West View Heights Chapel and 6. Jernegan’s Pond. 

Tourist usually visits the city Ozark with their family and kids considering activities are depending on all the age groups. It is said that people going through past trauma, anxiety, or depression should take a trip to somewhere safe, green, scenic and where they can get peace of mind. Ozark is the city to refresh your mind, body, and soul.



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