Is Canada Looking to Change their Landlord Regulations


The recent news headlines that have been released to us have been primarily focused on the major changes that are set to be made to the current landlord and renting regulations that exist under our government. The headlines have been very negative as a whole and the fact that it has taken so long to even have a change considered by the higher powers is a true testament to the severity of the situation we find ourselves in. It is a general opinion across the nation that tenants who rent their homes from an external private landlord are left far too vulnerable in terms of the pricing of their rent and the liability of the landlord when it comes to fixing any issues that there may be with the house.  

After many public callouts and protests to encourage an official change to the rules that are put in place to protect tenants and ensure the landlords are doing everything they should be as the homeowner, we have finally had word from the authorities that the new regulations are to be released later this week and to be enforced immediately, calling for all landlords to contact the government within a few weeks for an inspection and review of their renting standard and quality. It is said that a platform is currently in development where tenants can report any mistreatment or unfair dealings with their landlords which will also make them liable for compensating any affected tenants all over the country.  

Current Issues With Landlord Rules

One of the biggest issues with the current legal issues that are in place when it comes to renting out your housing is that there are not enough official reviews to make sure everything is as it should be. Landlords are not currently liable for a lot of the house maintenance that should not just be left up to the tenant to pay for. Where many landlords were getting away with neglecting their tenants and their properties in terms of the upkeep, we are going to see much more enforcement of penalties where it is necessary and where the landlord has neglected their responsibilities.  

Making Landlords More Liable

The process of making landlords more liable was not an easy one as it had to be negotiated what was a fair responsibility to place on the landlord and what was fair to be covered by the tenant themselves. After much discussion as well as sourcing public feedback to reach a ground that could be agreed upon by the majority we now have the new developments coming to us within the next few days. Situations where we saw some tenants opted for a move out cleaning service that they paid for themselves where the landlord should have also taken responsibility for making sure the property was suitable for the next tenants are likely to see a huge reduction in occurrence.  

More Protection For Tenants

Another issue that is very common in private landlord and tenant relationships would have to be the tenant feel like their landlord is not on their side and that their residency is not well enough protected. It had been seen many times all over the country where a landlord has been able to evict a tenant with little reasoning or notice, this is not acceptable and hopefully, with the new rules forcing landlords to honor a contract that has been agreed upon with tenant, it should completely stop this from happening and offer peace of mind to the residents.  

Contracting Changes

With the new rules and regulations that are set to be coming into place very soon we should also see some huge changes to what can be contracted and what should not, especially when opting for a private landlord all too often do we see unethical clauses within a tenancy contract that could leave the tenant vulnerable depending on what has been signed within the contract. The new rules allow the disputing of any sneaky contract clauses and more power is being given to the tenant especially when it comes to creating a fair contract that protects both the landlord and the person living in the property.  



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