Is Canada Going to Introduce New Sanitation Laws Post Covid


Sanitation laws in Canada are very important for ensuring that every member of the public has access to clean water and has a place to dispose of large-scale and household waste. Now that we are coming out of the other side of our Covid situation we may be seeing changes to the sanitation laws that are in place in order to reduce the risk of Covid transmission within the sanitation sector. During lockdown with the limited staff, there were changes to people’s household waste pickups as well as limitations being placed on the number of dumps and waste disposal centers that were allowed to remain open during the height of the pandemic.  

It should be considered a good thing that the higher powers and our government are considering the safety of the public and the people that work in the sanitation industry, especially when you consider the environment that some of these people have to work in it makes sense that a job where you are exposed to an increased amount of bacteria would be considered for changes post covid. It is unclear what specific changes are going to be made but hopefully, it is including extra protection measures for the people who use these services as well as extra measures put in place for the hard-working people who dedicate their time and effort to the industry.  

Many industries of this nature have had to undergo huge regulation changes to ensure that people are able to continue working and earning money, but their safety has to also be considered especially within industries that involve cleaning as there is more risk of coming into contact with bacteria. The private cleaning industry recently underwent a huge overhaul in cleaning practices and techniques in order to ensure staff safety, in the era of Covid whilst it is important that your establishments hire the right maid service, the well being of your staff and reducing the risk of Covid transmission must also be considered.  

Current Regulations

The current regulations state that anybody working in an industry like sanitation or cleaning must wear a mask and protective garments in order to limit the spread of harmful bacteria. Whilst fines are in p; ace for those who are not following these rules it is the opinion of many that further measures should be taken when it comes to repeat offenders and businesses not offering PPE to all of their workers. It should be no shock to you that Covid is very real and dangerous so it is truly not acceptable for any industry or business not to help protect their staff by enforcing the rules around wearing them. At this time the people are calling for more enforcement regulations in this order, as well as appealing to the public to report those who are not making sure their staff has access to PPE.  


What Could the Changes Mean for us?

Hearing that the laws and regulations are going to change can be daunting news to some, however, unless you are a regular user of sanitation services or you work in the industry it is unlikely to affect you. At the moment the only thing that has been disclosed in terms of what will be discussed in upcoming meetings is the increased importance of providing protective gear to all sanitation workers. There could also be changes to prepare for the reopening of more establishments as more and more sanitation and waste disposal grounds are set to open back up to the public which is likely to bring a very busy period for the industry.  



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