How One Door Company Helped Prevent a Serious Fire Incident 


Doors. Every house has them but none of us put much thought into them unless they need oiling or are just being particularly loud. Doors actually do a lot for us, such as protecting our safety and giving us some private time within our home. 

When we pick out all of the components of our house, we don’t really look past the aesthetics or the costs of our door. This is a reasonable thing to do, as with all of the other pressing things you need to think about when putting a house together, the doors that you pick probably aren’t the main priority.  

That is until you think about the other ways in which our doors help us. For example, having a solid and well-fitting door can save you hundreds of dollars every year in terms of your heating costs. Not only this, but you may be surprised to know that your doors could actually save your life. 

The fire incident  

It was an average Thursday evening and the Smith family settled down for an evening of films and eating, as they do every Thursday night. Except that night was a bit different. The previous evening, Mrs. Smith had had a clear out of the basement. While doing so, she dug out some of her old kitchen equipment and found a popcorn machine that she had bought her daughter a few years back. Mrs. Smith couldn’t remember exactly why they had decided to throw the popcorn machine in the basement, but she thought it would make a difference to their usual Thursday night routine of eating microwave popcorn.  

The family had been excited about the prospect of having some cinema-style popcorn all day, in fact, Mr. Smith had taken a trip to the local supermarket to find some nice toppings and even some fun little cones to eat the popcorn out of.  

The night was set and as the family settled down to pick out a film and lay out the snacks, they put the popcorn in to pop. The instructions stated that it needed to be left for four minutes to properly cook, so the family left it in the kitchen. Luckily for the Smith family, the youngest of the family detests the smell and taste of popcorn and requested that the door between the living room and the kitchen remained shut so that the smell didn’t enter the room.  

Like with any film night, the film picking selection wasn’t as quick as they thought it would be. The family erupted into an argument over whether they would watch a horror or a comedy and all thoughts of the popcorn completely left everyone’s mind. This was until around twenty minutes later when a strong smell of burning could be smelled. Now, this wasn’t any ordinary overcooked food burning, this smelled like a fire.  

Mr. Smith opened the door to see his entire kitchen up in flames. He was able to act quickly and he put the fire out using an extinguisher that they had in the house.  When the firemen arrived, they were quickly able to find the source of the fire. Some dodgy wiring in the popcorn machine had created sparks, which had set the pile of popcorn cones on fire and created a blaze that consumed the entire kitchen. Mrs. Smith quickly remembered why the popcorn machine had been stored away and this was because it had shown signs of being faulty when they first bought it.  

If it hadn’t been for their selections of fire doors at internaldoors uk, the rest of the Smiths house could have fallen victim to the fires that were caused by their popcorn machine. The doors also saved them a lot of money, as they only had to do work on their kitchen and not other areas within the home. The Smiths were also grateful for the fire door due to their daughter suffering from severe asthma which would have been triggered if the smoke had been allowed to spread throughout the house. Instead, when the fire was noticed, she was able to quickly go outside and protect herself from any issues. 




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