How Covid has Affected Amsterdam’s Tourism Industry


Every country in the world has been hit by the devastating effects of Covid 19. We are currently experiencing a global crisis that has forced many countries to completely shut their borders as a means to protect their citizens. Though this is a smart move in terms of safety, a lot of countries and cities that are dependent on tourism for financial aid are now struggling.  

One of the most hit places in the world in terms of tourism is Amsterdam. Amsterdam depends on tourism for over 60% of its general income and without people being able to venture into the city they are being hit tremendously.  

Amsterdam was one of the first major cities to ban the travel of tourists. This is because, at the very start of the pandemic, people were frequently traveling in and out of Amsterdam from all over the world, meaning that it would be impossible to prevent the spread of the Covid without putting the city into lockdown and excluding tourists.  

To stop people within the Netherlands from traveling to the city, Amsterdam also shut down its main attraction, the cannabis cafes. Though you can source marijuana from several places throughout the Netherlands, people tend to travel from all over in order to engage in the excitement of Cannabis Cafes. These cafes usually have extremely diverse menus, which means that you are sure to find a strain that fits perfectly with what you are looking for.  Now, instead of gaining the expertise of a vendor from within the cafes to figure out what the best strain is, the people of the Netherlands have to read this guide to different grades of weed.

Unfortunately, the sale of marijuana to tourists was a huge element of the general income that the country receives due to tax, so without these sales, it is expected that the city is going to start to suffer. 


The marijuana industry is not the only source of income that Amsterdam has. Amsterdam is home to a number of museums that display the rich history of the Netherlands. The most famous museums being the Anne Frank Museum and the Sex Museum. Millions of people come to Amsterdam every year just to be able to step foot in the museums and educate themselves on Amsterdam’s diverse history.  

If you have ever been to these museums, then you will know that they rightfully charge quite a hefty fee. Without millions of people traveling to check these museums out, then the city is going to be missing out on a lot of potential profits. Nobody knows when the museums will be open, but you can donate right now to ensure that the city can afford to keep them running while tourism is off the table.  


The sex industry  

Amsterdam is known for its legalization and open advertising of sex work. This is a very sex-positive city and instead of allowing sex work to happen in the shadows, Amsterdam has made sex work a legitimate career.  

One of the most famous places in Amsterdam is the red light district. Within this sector of the city, women advertise themselves in safe areas and welcome tourists and locals to participate in what they have to offer. 

With covid, most of the world is practicing social distancing. Obviously, when you have sex with someone, you are not able to achieve a safe distance, so sex work has now come to a halt. The sex work that takes place in Amsterdam works like any business and is taxed, so the city is experiencing yet another financial hit on that front. 



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