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You must’ve clicked on this website when you saw the word Ozark in the title, thinking that it must be an article about the super-popular Netflix series called Ozark but get prepared to be disappointed or even surprised when you get to know that this article is about Ozark in Alabama. No one could blame you for clicking on this article because of Ozark but if you click on this article, know that you will be missing out on some fun and entertaining facts about the too chill city Ozark.

Fact #1
Let’s start with some of the most basic facts: Ozark is located in the county seat of Dale County in Alabama in the United States. When the census was last collected in 2010, the population of this city was around 15,000. Not a big city. Most people know its name because of the popular Netflix series. You should watch it, by the way, it’s excellent. Also, this article is in no way sponsored.

Fact #2
If you want to get specific details about the city’s history, you should know that the town was first inhabited by a group of people known as the Creek Indians.
A more fun fact than that would be that the city was named by a traveler from Arkansas with the Ozark Mountains. Can you imagine calling a whole town after some mountains in a completely different state? Yeah, well, history is sort of fun and wild like that.

Fact #3
Now, these facts would in no way be fun if they didn’t mention nearby attractions of the city along with things that you can do. When it comes to nearby attractions, you have something like a shopping center, a chapel, a pond, a park, and even a country club that you can visit to spend some time.

And what will you do in Ozark? Well, other than the exciting places that you can visit that have been mentioned right before, you can see the city in October for a local festival called the Claybank Jamboree and have as much fun as you want.

If you want something on the bigger side of having fun, you can look into the annual Jazz Fest in or around April. If you are a big fan of history, there are three historical sites registered under the National Register of Historic Places that you can visit and learn more about the city. There is a park named the Blue Springs State Park, which has about 106 acres in which recreational facilities like camping, picnic areas, a playground, and even swimming facilities.

Fact #4
The city’s climate is usually pretty moderate, so if you are thinking of visiting the city, there are probably no months that you can think of skipping. This article would go as far as to say that this city is perfect for each month.

When it comes to precipitation in the area, the annual rainfall rate is 53.6 inches. So not only can you have fun in the great climate, but you can also go on fun dates when it’s raining at the numerous museums.

Fact #5
Speaking of museums, a famous museum that you can visit is called the US Army Aviation Museum. Around 9 miles southwest of the city, this museum (or Museo, if you want a brush up on your Spanish) brags an assortment of more than 160 military airplanes. Set in 70,000 square feet of inside space and open-air parkland, the gallery houses perhaps the biggest showcases of military helicopters on the planet.

Guests that come into the museum can see much hardware, dating as far back as World War I early battle airplanes to profoundly progressed UH-60 Blackhawks flown by military staff today. If you are an aeronautic and military fan just as much as you are a history fan, make sure to add this museum into your itinerary so that you can make the most of your time there in Ozark.

Fact #6
If you are going to the city for some re-creation on how to relieve some stress that has been piling up for a while now, it would be best for you to visit the golf course located in the city.
If you are a regular player of golf, it will act as a good stress reliever, and if you are a novice in the sport, you can end up learning a new skill while you are there. Or you could just go there and have fun.

Not just roaming around the golf course, playing all the holes there, you can also navigate the system and look at the wildlife present there, such as deers and squirrels that will show you their face quite a few times in a day.

There’s also a clubhouse that you can relax and let off all of the soreness of the muscles that came along with playing golf. Plus, The food and drinks that come with the clubhouse are just as great as the golf course, which is always a great addition.

Fact #7
Since the city has already covered history, famous sites of recreation, and with a hint of military equipment, it is only right that the town also delves into home-made ice cream in the form of Milky Moos.

If you end up going to the city in summer, make sure that you visit Milky Moo’s and explore their diverse menu, including soups, sandwiches, desserts, and obviously, the great ice cream. You’ll probably end up satisfying your sweet tooth to the hilt and discovering new flavors to get addicted to.

Sum up

All in all, Ozark is a great city to visit whenever you might have the time, not just because it’s a city you can go and relax in but also because it has so much to offer in all scopes. Make sure to add it to your list of places you’d like to visit one day.



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