Countries Around the World Desperately Seeking Laborers


Many of us are extremely happy that borders all around the world are finally starting to open up, as for a lot of us it means we can see loved ones we haven’t seen in over a year, or finally go somewhere sunny to escape the confines of our drab country. However, some of us are excited for a different reason altogether, this being the prospect of being able to go to work in a country completely different from our own.

An industry that you may not expect to thrive from the opportunity to travel to work is manual laborers. The skills of laborers are needed across the world, but some countries require them more than others right now. Here is a rundown of some of the countries around the world desperately seeking laborers.


Something that you may not know about Australia is that there has been a shortage of plumbers there since 2013. People simply stopped learning the trade in favor of slightly more glamorous careers. For this reason, Australia is now offering a very appealing starting wage to anyone that will travel to the country and apply their plumbing skills.

If you do wish to travel to Australia to work as a plumber, we recommend that you head to some of the smaller towns, as they need more plumbers. Fremantle in particular requires some qualified plumbers after the more recent disasters. So, if you think you are the plumber Fremantle needs, be sure to get in touch with some of their local plumbing services and check if you could be of any use.


As of right now, England needs a lot of electricians. After the wetter months and classic English floods, a lot of buildings and areas were left without electricity. For the most part, England gets on well with the number of electricians it has, however these floods have really put a strain on the electricians that England has.

The appealing aspect of moving to England to work is the national minimum wage. No companies are allowed to pay you under a living wage and if you are a trained electrician, then you can make quite a lot of money from being an electrician. This means that you can have quite a comfortable life in England and receive steady work, even after the brunt of the flood’s damage is dealt with.


Something that you are likely aware of is the effort that has been made by many first world countries to help the continuous poverty crisis happening in Africa. For many years, groups have been deployed to certain regions of Africa to build new housing, schools and hospitals for villages.

Right now there is an outcry for people with experience in bricklaying and general building work. People with these skill sets would not only be expected to help with the building projects, but they would need to be able to provide training for other helpers.

Some of the groups that have been deployed to the country are working on creating a working water system that can provide clean water to the villages. To help with their efforts, they are desperately asking for the help of trained plumbers to come to the villages and share their expertise while putting their skills to the test.

Working on these projects may not allow you to make as much money as working in other countries, but you will still make a liveable wage, all while helping communities that need your help for their survival.



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