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Ozark is a cosmopolis situated in Alabama, which is in the US. Till 1855, this country was known as Merricks, but its citizens changed the name to Ozark. This country is famous for its various outdoor activities, parks, museums, and so on. In this blog, we will talk about the best locations of Ozark in Alabama. So if you are planning to visit Ozark, then make sure to read this article to know which places you should visit for sure.

Best places to visit in Ozark

⦁ Water World

If you are going to visit Ozark during the summer season, you should surely go to Water World as it is one of the best places to visit. Though, you need to travel 25 minutes from Ozark to visit this location. And once you reach this spot, you will get a range of activities, including racing against friends in this exciting water adventure. It also has several kids’ adventures, including a playground, child-friendly swimming pools, and downswing, plus they even allow you to bring your food and beverages to cook whenever you feel like eating.

⦁ Our Place Dinner

If you’re foody, then you should probably go to this place of Ozark in Alabama. In 2018, it also won the Best Burger award, and even this location has a family-friendly atmosphere along with the southern food that every tourist loves. There is also an opportunity to choose delicious desserts, so don’t forget to save your stomach when getting the lavish main course/

⦁ Continental Drive-In Cinema

You can go to this place if you are such a person who has never watched an outdoor drive-in movie theatre. Parking your car, taking some chairs or blankets, and then watching the new Hollywood hit movies on the big screen is all you need to do. The main gate normally opens at this location just after 6 pm, and if you come on unique weekdays, discounts are also available. If it’s cold outside, you can even opt to sit inside your car and just listen to any music or radio as per the specified frequency. Also, if you want to eat something in between a movie, you don’t need to worry as there’s an interval between them so that you can go and buy snacks from the concession stand.

⦁ Small City Block

If you love exploring all the mysterious things, then visiting the Smallest City Block in Dothan would be a smart choice for you. It is made up of a tiny triangular patch of land, which has a granite monument to commemorate its success and has been a very popular tourist attraction for the past few years. And this place first got acknowledged when a newspaper column and a local garden club declared it the smallest in the country.

⦁ Blue Springs State Park

This park is 103 acres in size and is best known for its translucent innate spring. Every minute, its basement spring pumps about 3,600 gallons of water and stays at a constant temperature of 70 degrees, making it perfect even in a cold climate for swimming. Typically surrounded by trees and walking routes, this park is a perfect option for a camping journey, or you can just consume your afternoon time in the sunlight by enjoying a picnic on the edge of the water. And if you are interested in doing some outdoor venture, there’s a small catfish-stocked fishing pond in the park as well as a playground for small kids.

⦁ Tholocco Lake

If you want to do some leisure activities, make sure to visit Tholocco Lake in Tranquil. It is 640 acres in size, including boating, hiking, and even basketball and volleyball. Public beaches surrounding the lake are also accessible, providing a perfect place for family picnics and a shallow swimming pool.

⦁ Golf Course By Silver Wings

If you love playing golf, then you should surely go to Silver Wings Golf Course. Here you can play 27 potholes on this tournament track. And if you are only free to play till 18 potholes, then the course will be marked at par-72, and with taxing pristine greens, it’s great for a learner, moderator, and occasional golfers.

⦁ Ed Lisenby Lake

This park is 92 acres, and there are archery ranges on the banks of this fishing lake, where you can practice your bow and arrow skills and even explore local flora and fauna. You can even rent a boat and go fishing, or you can sit on the beach and enjoy the landscape.

⦁ Landmark Park

If you’re someone who wishes to reconnect with nature, make sure that you also visit this location. Since you can see the living plantation, schoolhouse, and general shop of the 19th century from the moment you reach the park, you can even experience an ancient lifestyle as it used to be in the older times of Ozark in Alabama. There are also some walking trails and meadows in the park where you can just relax and enjoy a picnic in the sunshine. you can see many animals, birds, and indigenous plants in this park from the elevated boardwalk. You can also visit the Digitarium Planetarium, where you can learn more about the wonders of the universe and watch 360-degree views of the night sky in a domed auditorium if you visit this location at the right time.

⦁ Botanical Garden in Dothan Area

This peaceful retreat is a multi-color flower and plants life with 50 acres of planted gardens and natural forests. In total, there are almost 25 gardens to discover, all interconnected by paved trails. You can also visit the Tropical House of Coleman, which has beautiful orchids and hibiscus flowers, and admire the old farmhouse’s natural beauty, which is sprinkled with fragrant roses.

Sum Up

Thus, these are some of the best places in Ozark in Alabama, which you should surely visit. So, make sure that while traveling to Ozark, you don’t forget to visit any of these locations.



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