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Ozark is a city not known to many. Located in the county side of southern Alabama, it is a small Dale country city. The Micropolitan Statistical Area’s principal city is known as Wire-grass famous for its natured wire grass around the city. As recorded recently in 2019, the current population is around 15000 residents living on the expanse of 34 square meters. The governing body is headed by a mayor and city council since its OK established in 1822.

The Natives

The original inhabitants of the city were recorded to be Muscogees, one of the first native Americans to be found among the civilized country citizens. Their culture is a mix of both European and American traits. A prominent group of Paleo-Indians from the past, they were regarded as the hunters and gatherers, and in the modern world, they are recognized as the federally recognized tribe.

Alabama, Kialegee, and Thlopthlocco are three of their tribes still recognized with their indigenous principles. They are mostly settled in the southern Alabama lands, around Ozark. A picturesque landscape with mountains and ranges, the county side area hails its name from the Arkansas Ozark mountain ranges. It was believed that the land got its name when a traveler visited the city in the past, and it reminded him of the vast Ozark ranges.

The tussle of the names finally settled in 1855 when the city was taken under a stable governing council. The traveler’s choice of expression has no recorded significance, and before it, the land was named several times by the invaders and locals. The early words of Merricks or Wood-shop were also famous around the 1820s.
Ozark was not under any rule and housed a mixed-race population. Though the numbers were always in a few thousand, they consisted of American, Asian and Latin people.
Evolving from this glorious mixed past, Ozark was recently voted as the most patriotic city in Alabama.

Land and Climate

A pleasant place to live in and one of the desired travel destinations during vacations, Ozark has a serene climate and environment with suitable landforms to dwell in. The temperature throughout the year remains moderate facilitating work and tourism in continuity all around the year. Though the meteorological studies showed the average temperature drastically changing from January till December, the effect is not so much when accounted with the continuous change compared to rapid rise and fall.

A bounty of natural expanse, there is enough precipitation recorded in the middle months of July or August. Being an American country, there are also chances of light snowfall in the latter part of the year. This pleasant and promising weather attracts thousands of tourists, perennially excited for both dry and wet weather.

Eye Catching Spots

Ozark is a well-established city. Compared to its small landmass or population, it still has several tourist attractions and various occupations. The tourism is plenty during the mid-months from April to October, starting from the blooming spring to the light showers and finally wrapping up in the fresh snowy carpet. The city houses several historical buildings and museums dated from the late 18th or 19th centuries. The Ann Rudd Art Museum is an attraction having the oldest art pieces and paintings. It is a straightforward approach located in the down lanes of the city.
The Ancient Ozarks National History Museum, Missouri, houses paleolithic sculptures and even the paintings and structures from the recent past. The museum is located in Missouri, Riverdale, a few miles away from Ozark, but it is usually covered in most of the tourist planners without fail. A weekend picnic spot best for young ones and family outing with a picnic to end the splendid visit. There are several restaurants and open lawns around to visit and enjoy nature.

Along with historical museums, The U.S. Army Aviation Museum is also a must-visit. The city is one of the principal areas in the primary flight training base for Army Aviation, gives a glimpse of the adopted aviation technology changes. From the Warplanes used to the modern strategies, accurate model display enthralls the audience.
A gift for nature lovers, the city houses several garden and botanical parks. A closed labyrinth of 24 gardens with all kinds of local and rare floral collections takes a prominent spot. Apart from these, several lawns and gardens can be visited in Dothan and Missouri.

Why Visit

There are several recreational activities also for enjoyment, from fishing to racing and canoeing, adventure seekers can also spend their happy time. Underground stone caves and natural springs are also a significant part. Out of the city, picnic areas provide lodging and restaurant facilities for a more extended stay. A wide range of food from all over the world to the variety in whisky and moonshine brands are available to enjoy. These spots no doubt top the charts for best travel weekends
Even though the wire-grass name might suggest a dry and brown expanse, there is a promising spring and plenty of flora and fauna in the city and around. Without drastic change, the temperate degrees elevate the chances of a pleasant stay and enjoyment for a week or two.
Sports seekers also have their haven in the city, and The Police Memorial Park is a must-visit to enjoy softball, baseball, or tennis. There are four widespread courts to play, several athletic opportunities, and open regions for strolling or mid-day picnic.

Baseball seems to the most played in this region and widely encouraged even in tournaments; the Eagle Stadium, Steagall Park provide grounds for public play and conduction of matches among schools and colleges. Apart from baseball, football and tennis are also popular and played widely.
Around Ozark city are several resorts with hiking, trekking, and fishing opportunities, which can be included in the travel lists. They have witnessed flocks of adventure seekers enjoy the natural expanse and calm locations for the sport.

So, the next time you plan to visit a peaceful countryside, make sure to check out Ozark!



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