All the Health Reforms being Unveiled in the Netherlands


The Netherlands is an amazing country that is located on the continent of Europe. It’s the most populated country in the European Union and one of the most populated countries worldwide too. Back in 2006, the Netherlands went through some really big changes in relation to healthcare. Prior to 2006, the Netherlands mainly had private healthcare which was expensive for most citizens and it left some citizens feeling very insecure as they were unsure on how they would be able to afford medical treatment if the time arose. In 2006, this all changed as the Netherlands introduced public health care. Whilst there are still some private healthcare providers but this market is heavily regulated in the Netherlands to prevent any of their citizens from being ripped off for a basic human right. As the Netherlands is such a populated place it can get difficult to keep up with all the healthcare needs so there are often reforms to try and improve the healthcare system. The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of strain and stress on the Dutch healthcare system as the pandemic was unpredictable there wasn’t much time for the government to prepare. Following this stress on the system there have to be more reforms to help the system to meet the needs of the citizens.  

The use of CBD

Whilst cannabis is legal in The Netherlands and it is famous for its amazing coffee shops where as well as purchasing lunch and a cup of tea, you can also purchase and smoke high-quality weed there. CBD products are also legal in The Netherlands but one huge health reform that has been unveiled is that the Dutch are going to start using CBD as a medicine. Individuals in the Netherlands have been using CBD for a long time for various health issues so it is great news that citizens can now be prescribed CBD. CBD is known to be great at relieving anxiety and depressive symptoms, it’s a fantastic alternative to pain killers for pain relief and it’s known to have cancer-fighting properties. This is a great advancement and one we believe many other countries will follow, the Netherlands legalized cannabis before most other countries and they’re ahead of the times again hereby accepting CBS as a legit medicine. If you can’t get CBD prescribed but you think it could be helpful, then CBD-producten koop je bij for amazing prices. 

An Ageing Population

Like many other developed countries, one health-related issue is the issue of an aging population. Providing health care for citizens from birth to death is becoming much more expensive as the estimated living age is constantly rising. Old people are much more susceptible to illness and this increases the older that they get. This makes it much more expensive for governments to provide free healthcare to their citizens. It is particularly difficult to fund in the Netherlands due to it being the most populated country in the European Union. To try and deal with this and to be able to keep providing high-quality healthcare the Netherlands has introduced more reforms to try and introduce competition, whilst there have been some positive side effects from this it will likely cause more harm than good. The reforms pose an issue at they could leave the situation stuck in between a state-run and highly regulated system and a market-based system. The main reason for these reforms is to try and secure lower prices for medicine to be able to provide great healthcare for everyone. 

Primary Healthcare Reform

Another area that is facing changes due to health reforms in primary healthcare. Primary healthcare workers are responsible for providing their patients with the best possible service, the workers in primary healthcare need to be aware of many things including services, health promotion, illness, injury prevention, and illness prevention. There have been reforms in the Netherlands as these services have not been up to the expected standards so a new reform that has been introduced is additional training. This training is expected to increase the quality of the services provided. 



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