A Look at the new Mental Health Accords Canada is Pushing For


I think that it is safe to say that mental health and supporting those who suffer from any mental health issues should be a very prominent societal issue, we should be encouraging those who are suffering to seek help and treatment so that we can all live a happy and healthy life that is not wasted on the negativity that comes with mental health problems. We have seen a lot of support and help from the government and official bodies in regards to mental health and making sure that everyone who lives in Canada is able to get mental health support when they need it.  

 Mental health has always had very negative connotations around it almost as if it is something to be kept a secret or ashamed of, this really isn’t the case and our country as a whole should be addressing certain issues without passing judgment. Many people who suffer from these kinds of issues have said how important it is that they receive public help and support rather than being encouraged to bottle up their feelings and ultimately worsen the situation for all of those who are involved.   

Legalization of Marijuana

 One of the biggest changes to the laws in Canada that have contributed significantly to helping mental health sufferers in our region would have to be the legalization of recreational cannabis use. Although medical marijuana has been used for some time now it is not always easy to get this life-changing treatment when you are using it for mental health reasons, so the fact that it has now been made available to anyone who would like to use it is a truly great thing. Mental health sufferers should not have to be told that they are not eligible for using marijuana when their condition is a very personal thing that they know the most about. Cannabis has been proven to help relieve anxiety and depression and promote a relaxing feeling, for those of you that are looking to try cannabis treatments you can order marijuana online in British Columbia now if you are looking for a more discrete service.   

Increased Public Support

Another change to the way that mental health issues are addressed in the public eye is the new increase in positive advertising material for mental health support and treatments. When you are suffering from an issue of this nature it can be very easy to slip into a negative mindset and feel that the whole world is against you. Now that it is being so widely broadcasted that getting help for your mental health is not something to be ashamed of it is very likely that we will see huge improvements to the number of people that actually go out and get help and advice for how they can better the lives of themselves and their loved ones, without having to hide away and deal with your problems behind closed doors. 

More Resources

One of the main reasons why mental health support was not so readily available was that there simply wasn’t enough funding and resources to keep up with demand, the medical world is a place that is very strained with more and more people requiring professional medical help every day. With that in mind, it seems that the mental health su[port sector was slightly forgotten about and the resources started lacking. With the new changes in legislation and the updates to government policy, we have finally seen an increase in the resources and funding that is made available so that more people can start to get their lives and their mental health back on track.   



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