A Flight To Paradise- Ozark In Alabama


Holidays call for vacations and trips. From April to August, the best time of the year certainly rings the bells for an extended family trip. Tourists considering comprehensive options of picturesque landscapes and bounty of nature can escape into the paradise of Ozark. A promising Dale county city, Ozark never fails to attract enthusiastic tourists in flocks. The ideal visiting period may be mid-year, but there is a significant rush all around the calendar. An easy city to approach through roadways or airways facilitates the nearest airport in Springfield- Branson.
The city is sparsely populated with a current count of nearly 15000 population in the vast expanse of lush green landscapes and crystal-clear water bodies. Spread over 50000 square miles, the land covers several spots to slip away in the cool ethereal breeze.

A Glimpse Of Past

also hails from a historical significance, and the Ancient Ozarks National History Museum is the gallery for one. A family museum to visit, the prehistoric sculptures and models are thrilling for young ones to enjoy. The galleries also reflect the American Civil War and World Wars glimpses in the most realistic way to draw the spectators back in time. The museum is in Riverdale, Missouri few miles away from Ozark city; along with package tourism, it is also a famous weekend escapade.
Dowling museum, also known as Ann Rudd Art Center, is a famous 100-year-old art gallery hosting several old and preserved paintings. The museum is situated in the city and opens all-round the week for painting enthusiasts.

Apart from the historical golden pages, the city also has a spot for U.S Army Aviation Museum. A striking collection of military aircraft located 9 miles southwest of the town, the museum has one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world. Ranging from the combats in World War 1 to the modern-day Blackhawks, the museum’s real models don’t fail to stun the audience. A trip is incomplete without visiting this prestigious site spread on the lush green lawns to enjoy a day in the picnic.

Ozark has fame in the geographical Wiregrass region, with the native grass being wire-like, so is the name of the wiregrass museum of art in the city down lanes. The museum’s construction reminded one of the amusing stories when it was built as a response to the mocking comment that Dothan was one of the worst places to live in the world. The building is constructed inside the city’s old power plant and hosts a collection of pop and contemporary artwork. The museum is not that old, but the visit is worth the time.

Escape With The Breeze

Nature-lovers rejoice!! With the plethora of grasslands, tourism also has several spots in the lap of nature. Crystal clear spring water and temperate weather at 68 degrees, the Blue Springs State Park is a must for swimmers to visit. The underground natural springs maintain the temperature almost constant throughout, allowing swimming even in winters. An afternoon spent in the warm sunshine, probably fishing in the pond, grabbing a quick lunch, an outing to this park is unforgettable. Located 20 miles away from Ozark, the park is also surrounded by small hiking tracks and camping spots.

A trail in the greenery is not complete without the discovery of local flora and fauna, and of course, every little botanist in us knows this fact. May it be woodlands, flora, or farmhouses, there are a total of 24 gardens to discover the local beauty of Ozark. Fifty acres of land woven in the labyrinth of orchids and hibiscus, the fragrant jasmines and petunias mesmerize the heart to forget the time and being.
Landmark Park in Dothan is a reconciliation with nature. Having hiking, trekking, and meadows to spend a day in leisure, this 19th-century park drags us back to the old Alabama lifestyle. The park also has a Digitarium Planetarium to learn about the universe in a kaleidoscope in 360 degrees. Several wildlife species, a large variety of birds, and rare plant life can also be enjoyed together.

Thrilling Tides Await!!

Bored of silent visits, are you an adventure seeker, nothing to worry, Ozark also has your back with plenty of recreational and adventure activities. As the city itself is small, the tourists often plan to cover the places in almost a week. Missouri is one of the nearest attractions for adventurers. Ozark National Scenic Riverways or the Big Surf Waterpark gives shallow water swimming and adventure river sports. Paddle-boats or motor-boats are available for boating and fishing. More enthusiasts can also go around canoeing in the gushing waters. There are several resorts to stay in and various restaurants to try. Form Italian pasta and pizza to the grilled barbeque outdoor banquets or indoor services are both available.

A golden dig for whisky lovers, the Ozark Distillery, gives out samples to try for the vacation tourists, and you can surely try a glass or two before buying your souvenir!

In the cool catacomb winding through the stones and walls, the Bridal Cave or more popular as Thunder Mountain Cave, a world underneath, completes this part of the tour with satisfaction.

These were some of the destinations counted on the list, but once set out on the field, you can visit every place in this city and around, which might leave you in excitement and immense satisfaction. A collection of destinations for every traveler, for solo or family trips, for a calm county visit, or to an adventure with nature Ozark is a city must visit.
The city’s climatic conditions are more or less favorable for outdoor visits, but the meteorological study has shown a drastic variation in the average temperature throughout the year. There is no recorded case of hailstorms or heavy precipitation, though light showers and fresh snow can be enjoyed in the later parts of the year.

But, since the city houses several natural havens, it is ideal for visiting at the bloom of spring to enjoy the vacation to its fullest.



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